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PostSubject: GoddessLuna=3   Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:21 pm

I should make this long and painful muhaha~=3 jk^^. Anyways here we go~ get ready now =3

Name: Just call me Luna ^^
Age: 17 =3 my b day is on the 18th of october!
Things I like: I love anime XD and makeing freinds and talking =3 i Love to talk ! XD so pm me anytime =3 and dont be shy i wont bite well maybe i will XD u know u like it =P XD jk. And i like ramen so yummy beef flavor XD WOOT!I like to game to =3 but i talk most of the time XD like in lucent hearts i dance adn talk XD but i will fight =3 AND I WILL TAKE OVER TE LUCENT HEARTS WORLD ! BELIE IT ! WITH MY EVIL FOXYS OF DOOM!!! If u want to join my evil foxy army just say so and we will all come in town adn make havok! MUHAHAHA! And my favorite music is japnezze music and piano music and hmm.. and pop.And i also love vampires and when i say vampires am not talking about stupid twilight >.> they killed vampires and everyone thinks they are teh only vampires pfft >.> get a good vampire book and read it >.> and if u want to know about the good vampires talk to me XD i will give u a long list!!
Things I Hate:Sasuke from naruto i hate hate hate hate him >.> sorrry sasuke fans i just hate him hes always meana dn thinks hes all that and betrays his homeland i know why i have been keeping up with the manga but thats not a excuse >.> to hurt my baby naruto >.> when naruto always tryed to help him and be friends >.>!!! So its best not to spaz to me about sasuke so i might just log out or be pissed or something.. And i hate veggies =( so yucky... i mean if they made them taste good i would eat it, the only greens i like is MONEYYY XD lolz jk i like spinich thou with black olives and eggs yummy=3 anyways this is my hate thing back to topic XD And i hate people who are mean to others and just hurt them to laugh or have a good kick out of it =/ just everyone be nice ! i know how bad it is to be hurt =/!

Just some extra stuff: Am A BIG ANIME FANATIC XD so yeah XD if u have any good animes plz pm them =D and i will share mine to =3 and also i use to be a guild leader like 2ce XD my 1st guild lasted 3 years XD it was so fun =3 and nice but i lost my net so it died =/ and my 2nd one was not that long due to my sub leaders who bailed on me x.x anyways yea.. but it was fun =3 while it lasted And lets think oh yeah i love to be funny to or make people smile or laugh anyway i can =3 or something i just like to help XD so anyways nice to meet u all =3 beware of teh goddess rawrs =3
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